Glass vacuum heating & laminating machine is capable of laminating max glass size 1700 mm x 3100 mm with the combination of plain, tinted, reflective, mirror in various thickness.Suitable for clear, tinted, patterned glass, single side screen print glass, high performance reflective and low e (hard coated) glass.

This machine can laminate ordinary glass with silk, cotton, toshino  paper, drawing, ultra violet single way calairvoyances, dimming films, or special films, or special films to make various art glass and decorative glass. Shows higher performance than the monolithic glass of same thickness.  Thicker interlayer creates a lower decibel of sound thus your acoustic levels are approached.

EVA (Exterior): Anti UV Clear, Transparent Colour, White Opaque, Transparent Clear, Opaque Coloured, Frosted Effect.

EVA (Interior & Decorative): To make various art glass and decorative glass. It can also be used to laminate glass with PC sheet, solar energy battery sheet, soft sheet and sheet materials. All kinds of glas and variable thickness with the following combinations. Silk, cotton, paper products, drawings, ultraviolet single way, dimming films or special films.

Allow reducing damage levels from natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and explosions. When incorporated with EVA film, it shows significant improvement in anti-burglary properties.



Min glass size    :           300 x 300 mm
Max glass size   :           1700 x 3100 mm
Glass thickness :           4 mm to 19 mm
Finished product rate >= 98%
Quality standard GB15763.2 2005 (equivalent to JISR 3206 2003 and ANSIz 97.1 2004 and EU standard)


Technical Strength