Insulating glass is also known as Double Glass Units (DGU). DGU consist of two panes of glass separated by a spacer around the edges and sealed to the perimeter in factory controlled conditions. The spacer contains a Desiccant (drying agent) which eliminates moisture vapor in the cavity.

Double Glass Units are available in many combinations including clear float, tinted float, reflective float, laminated, toughened, obscure and with Low-E glass enhancement. 


The main Characteristics of Insulating Glasses are:

  1. Energy saving.
  2. Noise-insulation.
  3. Warm keeping.
  4. Dew proof.
  5. Charging in special gases, such as argon gas may further improve heat and sound insulation.


Double Glass Units have a wide range of applications which includess:

  1. Sound Proof Cabin  
  2. Air Conditioned Room  
  3. Convenience Stores  
  4. Check Cashing Stores  
  5. Liquor Stores  
  6. Post Offices  
  7. Jewelry Stores  
  8. Art Galleries  
  9. Government Buildings  
  10. Banks